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Sort Solution - Mainframe Sorting Power for Windows

If you need more information before you decide to try Sort Solution, download the complete Sort Solution Online Help (~160 K, zipped) here.
Read the Sort Solution FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
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Sort Solution is a high-performance sorting library that represents a new milestone in bringing Mainframe sorting power to the desktop.

Sort Solution is a 32-Bit Sort Library with highly optimized and flexible sort algorithms for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.x and Windows 2000.
With the tools included in the package, Sort Solution can be immediately utilized as a general purpose sorting utility. Programmers can include the Sort Solution technology into their applications with just a few simple function calls.
With the 32-Bit ActiveX control it is now even easier to include Sort Solution into your application.


Sort Solution Technical Overview

Sort Solution is a fully-scalable, SMP-ready sort solution for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.x and Windows 2000. With it's unique technology Sort Solution is able to handle even the biggest files with ease. With it's comfortable scripting language, Sort Solution can be customized to handle nearly every kind of input file and sort criteria.


Benchmark Results

Sort Solution scales excellent on single and multiprocessor (SMP) machines..

The machine used to perform these benchmarks was a Pentium-90 with 3 rather slow 1 GB hard disks (SCSI-2) and 64 MB RAM running under Windows 95. All files are completely random, the whole record was used as the sort key.

Number of Records Record Size File Size Time
1 Million 20 Byte 20 MB 44 seconds
100.000 20 Byte 2 MB 0.8 seconds
100.000 100 Byte 10 MB 9 seconds
1 Million 8 Byte 8 MB 18 seconds

The following results are from a Dual-166 Pentium with 64 MB RAM running Windows NT 4.x. The sort key was a 4 Byte Integer.

Number of Records Record Size File Size Time
100 Million 10 Byte 1 GB 30 Minutes
200 Million 10 Byte 2 GB 62 Minutes
400 Million 10 Byte 4 GB 140 Minutes

The Evaluation Package

The Evaluation License of Sort Solution allows you to verify if Sort Solution meets your requirements.
If you decide to use Sort Solution after the 30 day evaluation period, you must purchase a license and pay a small license fee.
More information about how to register can be found in the register.wri file which is part of the evaluation package.
Sort Solution comes with a full install/uninstall feature.

Try it before you buy it. If you don't use it, you don't pay for it!

Contents of the Evaluation Package

The evaluation version is fully functional except for one limitation: Sort Solution will automatically skip 1..10 records in the output file when you sort more than 1.000 records. This should not have an effect on your evaluation.

Go directly to the download page to get your free evaluation copy.

If you want to register Sort Solution, go here